“Mr. & Mrs. Onoja”- Nollywood Movie Review

Ibaka's Description: Ramsey, a rich and handsome casanova entraps himself in Casey's web of fury when he decides to treat her like every other girl he had met. The effect of what she does to him afterwards, changes his live forever. WARNING- This film is rated 18+. Full of nudity and implied lewd acts, that … Continue reading “Mr. & Mrs. Onoja”- Nollywood Movie Review


“Koto” – Nollywood Movie Review

Ibaka’s Description: Keji is diagnosed of leukemia and is in urgent need of a blood transfusion. During this process, hidden and strange secrets of her maternity are being unveiled. *For real though, Ibakatv who is writing these descriptions?* So we decided to watch the trailer first, before delving straight into the film- something we typically … Continue reading “Koto” – Nollywood Movie Review

“Beyond Disability” – Nollywood Movie Review

Ibaka’s description: Paul’s generousity (*generosity*) leads him to helping a disabled young girl, bringing out the best her. He is yet to find out that this disabled stranger is much more than he had ever imagined. (Were you as confused as I was in reading that description? Good.) I typically love Desmond Elliot movies as … Continue reading “Beyond Disability” – Nollywood Movie Review