“A Soldier’s Story” – Nollywood Movie Review ” #FilmFridays

They didn't even give a reasoning for the war, or why this "warlord" decided to massacre a village. All the characters were 1-D with no type of complexity whatsoever. They were really ambitious with this thing and it failed horribly. I want a refund of my time and movie snacks


“Mr. & Mrs. Onoja”- Nollywood Movie Review

Ibaka's Description: Ramsey, a rich and handsome casanova entraps himself in Casey's web of fury when he decides to treat her like every other girl he had met. The effect of what she does to him afterwards, changes his live forever. WARNING- This film is rated 18+. Full of nudity and implied lewd acts, that … Continue reading “Mr. & Mrs. Onoja”- Nollywood Movie Review