“Jump and Pass” – Nollywood Movie Review

Ibaka description: Edem (Bishop Umoh) plagued with diarrhoea leaves his gate unmanned in search of tissue paper. There’s a robbery in the neighbourhood and two strangers run in through the open gate for safety. Ikenna is forced to open his door to his neighbours, the strangers and Edem. For several hours, they must tolerate one … Continue reading “Jump and Pass” – Nollywood Movie Review


“Hitch”- Nollywood Movie Review

  Iroko's description: A desperate father, who has recently lost his job accepts the offer from a neafarious old friend to kidnap a pregnant woman for ransom, in order to raise money for his son's urgent surgery. *sigh* That essentially summates how I felt about this movie. Chidi Mokeme was my childhood bae so when … Continue reading “Hitch”- Nollywood Movie Review